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10 Lingettes démaquillantes Lamazuna

10 makeup remover pads Lamazuna

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10 makeup remover pads,

Can be used more than 300 times,

Work with water,

One side for eyes and lips,

One side for foundation


10 makeup remover pads



These eco-friendly make-up remover pads will change your life. They are a fantastic alternative to cotton pads to gently cleanse the skin and reliably remove make-up.

Material: 70% polyester, 30% polyamide, suitable for sensitive skin.

Foundation, lipstick, mascara, eyeline, all gone in one step !


How it works :

Use the white side to remove foundation, and the pink side to remove lipstick, mascara, eyeliner.

You don't even need a makeup remover such as milk or oil, all you need is tap water.

To remove waterproof mascara, wet the pad with water, then add a drop of makeup remover lotion.

The pads can be rinsed right after use or washed in the washing machine.

They can be used up to 300 times. A great money saver !

It is recommended to wash in a cotton pouch, to avoid clugging your washing machine filter.


Made in Spain and packed in France.

Size : 8 cm

Green Innovation, Belleville sur Vie, France

7428 LZ

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