Savon d'Alep 40% laurier

Savon d'Alep ALEPIA 40% laurier (Syrie)

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Traditional Aleppo soap, Olive oil and 40% Laurel Berry oil. Made in Syria.

Environ 190 g


Savon d'Alep 40% laurier

The Aleppo soap is probably the first soap ever produced in the Mediterranean area and is an absolute natural product. 

This 40% Aleppo Soap is produced in Syria by an ancestral process, blending cold pressed Olive and Laurel berry oils and slowly cooking them to soap. The soaps are cut by hand and subsequently dried under the sun for 10-12 months. 

Made exclusively of Olive and Laurel berry oils, Aleppo soap is well-suited for all skin types.

This soap is free from synthetic fragrance and colorant.

Traditionally, Aleppo soap is known for its properties against all sorts of skin problems, like eczema and psoriasis.

Ingrédients INCI : SODIUM OLIVATE, SODIUM LAURATE, AQUA, SODIUM HYDROXIDE (traces due to the fabrication process).

Imported in Europe by LA MAISON D'ORIENT SARL, Santeny, France




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