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In this poplar wooden box, you will find four vegan, natural, zero waste useful products :

1 solid palmarosa deodorant

1 solid peppermint toothpaste

1 oriculi (ear swab)

1 normal hair solid shampoo

A perfect gift to please men as well as women !



Coffret cadeau Zéro déchet L'ESSENTIEL Lamazuna

In this poplar wooden box, you will find four vegan, natural, zero waste essential products : a solid deodorant, a solid toothpaste, 1 oriculi (ear swab), a normal hair solid shampoo.

An ideal gift for men as well as women.


What's inside :

Solid Palmarosa Deodorant

Even though the deodorant by Lamazuna is free from alcohol and aluminium, it still offers effective protection and is reliable against unpleasant odours. Its antibacterial property prevents an increase in bacterial formation, and it gives off a gorgeous rose scent. Its mild and rich formula saves on waste caused by extra packaging. It is also exceptionally friendly on the skin and the environment. Not suitable during pregnancy and breast feeding, nor for children under 3 years old.


Solid peppermint toothpaste

This unusual and practical, solid toothpaste not only lasts longer than conventional toothpaste, but it is also extremely convenient and saves packaging material. The carefully and well-thought-out recipe uses calcium carbonate to clean teeth and the oral cavity in a natural way. Thanks to a few drops of essential peppermint oil, it leaves a great feeling of freshness. A rich formulation that makes up for two conventional tubes of toothpaste.



The oriculi has been used for personal hygiene for centuries in China and Japan. You will save a ton on conventional ear swabs. Moreover, the oriculi protects the eardrum, because it is only used on the outer region of the ear. It can also be used for children, but we recommend that the child is not left on his own to use the oriculi, for his or her own safety.


Solid normal hair shampoo

The Solid Scots Pine Shampoo by Lamazuna has a very rich formulation and can be used as a conventional soap. Suitable for cleansing all hair types.

Lasts as long as two bottles of liquid shampoo ! 


About the box

The pretty wooden box is made from poplar wood. It is ideal for storing your dry pads or use as a gift box or a junk box. 

Made in France 

Dimensions of the box : 11,5cm x 12cm x 12cm


7420 LZ

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